about me

All songs on this site are mixed by me, a lot of them are also recorded by me. For many years I worked with rock and metal music - one of the hardest types of music productions. But also it's not a problem for me work with other types of music like rap, funk or blues.
Beside mixing I'm a guitar player and vocalist in HeadUp and Pure Inception. Over years of playing music I learned how to record and mix good quality songs.
I truly belive that this days you can do a good record at home. Times when you need to go to studio and spend lot of money are passing away. For example: my band HeadUp and record "Dissimilarity Defect" was done in home studio (only drums was recorded in studio but sampled). EP "Next Level Experience" was recorded, mixed and mastered by me, of course in my home studio. All songs my second band Pure Inception was recorded and produced by me. On internet you can find a lot of good examples of songs and records that was done this way. Go to mixes and listen my other examples.
As a curiosity - I did music for commercial movies company AmRest and Connect Asia. I'f you need something like that - feel free to ask.
All the time I'm trying to be better in mixing and mastering. I'm constantly practicing and also watching many tutorials. I'm doing everything to turn this passion into profession.