- all tracks should be in MONO, of course WAV format,
- Do not add any effects on tracks! Send it as it was recorded,
- Name the tracks! It's good when they have this same lenght then I don't have to quess where is chorus or verse,
- You can send drums in midi,
- It's good if beside guitra tracks with crunch or distortion you have rav clean tracks. I can reamp it and probably I can achive good results,
- Compres files and send by or similar site and send me link.

- If your recorded tracks sound not so good then don't think I can do miracles with it. My favorite sound engineer quote:
"shit in = shit out". I will try to do everything to help those1 tracks but not always it's posible.
- famous mastering also can't do miracles - it's just last step in sond production. Much more importent is mix.

If you have more questions feel free to write email or call me.